Proflex MS Polymar

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Proflex MS Polymer wood flooring adhesive

The reason why Proflex MS Polymer wood flooring adhesive is 5 stars of glue - it is completely solvent-free, yet offers superior bead stability when trowelled, and increased tensile strength and elasticity once cured. Proflex is used to bond the floor directly to the subfloor. 

It quickly cures to a strong final bond, and its water-free formulation ensures no damage to wood. Therefore, this is the only glue we recommend for sticking flooring boards to sub floors. It is exceptionally easy to spread and is simply cleaned off hands and tools after use with Proflex Pro Wipes, leaving no unpleasant residue. However, if you still have any question, please contact FloorMonster Team 0844 33 504 33 

We provide 16kg Rewmar polymer wood flooring adhesive. With 16kg, it can cover around 16 square meters which  is depends on how heavily it is applied. 

Accessories Type Adhesive
Used for Bond the floor directly to the subfloor. This product is designed to work in conjuction with underfloor heating
Per Unit Can cover around 15- 16 m2 with application of a 6mm notched trowel
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