Quick-Step Silent Walk Underlay 2mm (7m² Roll) QSUDLSW7

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Quick-Step Silent Walk Underlay - Designed for underfloor heating and reducing reflected walking noise.

Ideal for places where there is a lot of traffic and gives high-quality permanent sound absorption. Suitable for underfloor heating.

 Score reduced reflection sound: *** Score reduced transmission sound: Delta lw* = 19 dB 1 roll = 7m²  Thickness = 2mm With flap and self-adhesive strip Topside contains reinforced damp-proof membrane in PE Polyethylene foam with closed cell structure Suitable for floor heating

Quick-step Silent Walk is the underfloor of choice when your room is fitted with underfloor heating or cooling. Its also great if you want to reduce the reflected walking noise to the maximum. Besides its excellent thermal efficiency, this underlay nicely levels out your base floor. It also features an integrated damp proof membrane.
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