What Underlay should you choose?

Underlay is a vital part after you have chosen your dream floor. Choosing an underlay can be down to a few contributing factors:

1. Are you going to be using underfloor heating with your flooring?

2. The subfloor type, is it concrete? Floor boards? Etc.....

3. What is the condition of the subfloor, i.e level?


Below we outline some of our most popular underlay options and reasons for choosing...

Monster-Pro White Thick Underlay

White Foam

The Monster-pro White thick underlay is an ideal underlay for a subfloor that is level, it will help even out slight discrepancies, it will in effect provide a cushion for the floor above, this is also sutiable for use with underfloor heating. 

Bois De Vie ProVent 3mm Underlay

Bois de vie

The Bois De Vie Underlay has been designed with Underfloor Heating in mind.The Bois De vie ProVent foam underlay provides an exceptionally pleasant and quiet atmosphere and offers several advantages. The Micropumping System creates underfloor ventilation of the laminate flooring to eliminate residual moisture, and the additional HDPE vapour barrier protects the laminate flooring from moisture. Not only does the underlay protect against moisture, it also insulates against sound. The footfall level is reduced by 9dB and the impact sound level is reduced by 20dB. This 3mm underlay is also suitable for rooms with under floor heating. It can be used with Concrete and Ply subfloors.

Monster-Pro Silver Rubber Underlay

Silver Rubber

The Monster-Pro silver underlay with rubber back provides a cushion between the subfloor and the underside of the flooring material.

The foil backing to this underlay is specifically designed to improves heat insulation by 30%. We also highly recommend this underlay for concrete subfloors as this is designed to lessen the likelihood of moisture passing from the subfloor to the floor. As this is a rubber underlay is remains quite rigid and gives excellent sound insulation by 19dbs, which also assisting in evening your subfloor. Sub-floors must be tested with a moisture metre and readings be at suitable levels for installation prior to any work beginning. This underlay is NOT suitable for UnderFloor heating.

XPS 5mm Fibreboard Underlay 6m² per pack


XPS underlay is designed for sub-floors that are quite uneven, and will create a firmer base for your new floor. Not only are the boards lightweight, making them super easy to lay, XPS also provides outstanding insulating properties, reduces noise and is also water resistant.

If you are not sure what underlay is for you please do not hesitate to contact one of our team! 



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