BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring Chateau Herringbone Charme Black 8mm x 84mm

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A dark shade made to impress

If you like the look of black/dark flooring but have never had it before, this 8mm Charme Black from BerryAlloc’s Chateau collection is a great place to start. It is versatile, vibrant, hard-working and looks the part in any room. Get a better deal on this and any type of darker laminate herringbone flooring when you shop at Floor Monster.


A great option for the family home

Black/darker flooring is growing in popularity in family homes. If you want to get your living room, nursery, kitchen, or any room at all to have black herringbone, this can do the trick. BerryAlloc utilises a click system to make installation quicker than traditional herringbone, so no need to upend a corner of the house for days on end. This flooring also utilises 4-way bevels and has added protection with an anti-scratch and anti-splash coating on top. This can come in handy in family rooms where you know accidents will inevitably happen.


Black herringbone with minimal care needed

Over time, taking care of wood herringbone flooring can become a “monster” of a job. That can be avoided completely when you opt for the likes of this laminate herringbone. Thanks to the embossed texture on top and the previously mentioned anti-slip & anti-scratch features at play, you won’t need to sand and varnish the flooring repeatedly. This also makes it a great choice for commercial flooring, especially in retail and hospitality spaces.


Ensuring your black herringbone is a perfect fit

Every pack of BerryAlloc Chateau Charme Black will cover 2.04 m². We highly recommend using our calculator to see how many packs your floors need. Due to the nature of herringbone, if you know you’re going to be cutting into corners or your room has different angles to work with, we highly advise you add 10% to the overall m2 to allow for wastage.


The allure of black herringbone

Like the look of this bold black laminate flooring? Shop our full range of black and dark herringbone flooring to see other top-notch products from the likes of BerryAlloc, Balento and Floored.It! And if you need any assistance finding flooring, please hit the chat icon on the side of the page to speak to a flooring expert right now!


compatible with electric and water based underfloor heating systems.

Room Suitable for any residential area and light commercial use
Category Wood Effect, V Groove, 4 way bevel Laminate flooring
Species Burnt Oak
Texture Embossed textured laminate
Thickness 8mm
Plank Width 85mm
Length Range Fixed (504mm)
System Click System
Grade AC4
Pack size 2.04m2 (1 x A + 1 x B)
underfloor heating  Yes, 100% compatible with both electric and water-based systems.
Warranty Lifetime domestic year warranty
Installation  Laminate planks, marked A and B to indicate left and right hand side pieces.
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