Wembley Park Herringbone Parquet Laminate Flooring 12mm

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Expertly designed walnut laminate herringbone

This 12mm Wembley Park parquet laminate flooring is quintessential herringbone at heart. It has the look, feel and design of hardwood herringbone without the price tag. You can get a great deal on this top-quality laminate flooring when you shop at Floor Monster.


Knowing what makes Wembley Park herringbone special
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we believe the features built into every plank of Wembley Park make that known. You're looking at laminate wood style planks that utilise a wood effect and embossed texture on top. That, coupled with the 12mm thickness, mean that when someone touches the flooring or walks on it, it gives off the impression of hardwood herringbone, something that isn't easy to achieve. Wembley Park also has a 1 in 14 repeat on the design. This means that when laid on the floor, the design has the same exact look as cut wood with how it shows knots and changes in tone.


A good option for tougher floors
Wembley Park herringbone has a 25-year domestic warranty on the product, making it a suitable choice for any high traffic space around the room. With it also being splash-resistant and adverse to fading in sunlight, it's also a good option for light commercial use, especially in the likes of cafes and salons.


Getting the right amount of matt walnut herringbone

Typically, when installing herringbone flooring, you work your way from the centre of the room and out. To help avoid confusion with how much to buy, we recommend using our floor calculator above to know how many packets you would need. Due to the nature of cutting herringbone as you get to corners and such, we recommend adding 10% to overall m2 to allow for wastage!


Great deals on walnut herringbone

If you're looking for flooring in this style and design, please take the time to look at our full range of walnut herringbone laminate flooring.


This floor is perfect for...

Room Suitable for any residential area and light commercial use
Category Wood Effect, V Groove, 4 way bevel Laminate flooring
Species Walnut
Texture Embossed textured laminate
Thickness 12mm
Plank Width 90mm
Length Range Fixed (450mm)
System Click System
Grade AC3
Pack size 1.944 m2
Warranty 25 year warranty
Installation  Laminate planks, marked A and B to indicate left and right hand side pieces.
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