Laminate Floor Edging Options: Do I need skirting or beading?

Are you unsure of how to finish your laminate floor? Do you need skirting boards, or beading or both? Wondering how to deal with the edging of your laminate floor is a tricky question which depends on the set up of your room as well as your personal style preferences.

When fitting your laminate flooring, the hard part of choosing the correct plank length and style for your home is done, but you will want to ensure that the floor fits correctly in your bedroom, living room or whichever room you are fitting.

Skirting boards - what are they and do you need them?

A popular option for many homeowners, in both traditional and more modern homes, is the humble skirting board. These boards cover the untidy area between the edge of your laminate floor boards.

Skirting Boards

Thery are used for decorative reasons but also in order to hide any wiring or other untidy elements at the edges and corners of your flooring.

Skirting boards can be made from a variety of materials, including wood or MDF. In most cases if you move into a new property you will have to install skirting, or even replace the existing one if it is damaged or unsatisfactory.

What is beading and when should I use it?

Beading refers to a strip of floor edge trims which can be used alongside skirting or by itself with your laminate or hardwood floor. 


This can also be known as scotia or scotia beading, and adds a smooth transition from the skirting to the floor, fulfilling both a functional and decorative function for homeowners.

While beading is not essential for laying your laminate floor, in a lot of cases it makes the final finish look better by tidying up any loose gaps in the edge of the floor boards.

Check out our range of skirting and beading options at Floor Monster - we stock the perfect accessories for all your flooring needs. You can also contact us for some expert flooring advice.




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