Now is the perfect time for some spring cleaning.

Now is the perfect time for some spring cleaning. So how should you treat your wooden floors to keep them looking their best? Keeping your real wood floors looking tip top is easy! Here are some simple tips to keep your flooring looking stunning for years to come.


The DO’s

DO sweep your floors a few times a week to pick up any small particles of dust and dirt and pet hairs that can settle into the grain of the wood, or between the floorboards.

DO vacuum at least once a week. Sweeping can still miss little bits of dirt or crumbs, so to make sure your flooring is extra clean you should also vacuum every week. But be careful which setting you use - soft side down to ensure the protective hoover head is on, so there is no scratching.

DO put a mat at the front door to minimise residue carried in from outside.

DO clean up any spills right away using a dry or slightly damp cloth. It is best not to use anything containing too much moisture on a real wood floor.

DO use furniture pads on the ends of your chair and table legs to avoid marks and scratches.

DO mop monthly using a hard wood floor cleaner.


Now for the DON’Ts.

DON’T wet mop your wooden floor too often. Standing water can damage the wood, so sticking to a monthly mop will keep your floor gleaming for longer.

DON’T clean your hard wood floors using vinegar. As it is an acid it will break down the surface of your floor and over time can cause discoloration and dullness. Ensure any cleaner is suitable for a real wood floor - if unsure test on an offcut of the floor or on a small unexposed area first.

DON’T scrub – as tempting as it can be. If you spill something damaging like paint, oil, wine, or make-up, it is best to consult a professional rather than use an abrasive cleaner. Lacquered floors

DON’T need re-sanded for over 10 years in residential settings and oiled floors may be a little more frequently. Re-coating can be achieved by simply rolling / brushing on some suitable floor oil. If in doubt it is always best to speak with a professional. If you have any questions about an existing wooden floor or are considering getting a new one, get in touch with the Floor Monster Team. We will be more than happy to help. Contact Us



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